5 Latest Clothing Recommendations

Fashion trends in the fashion world are increasingly lively with innovations from designers and fashion manufacturers. Some bosses are the mainstay for women who want to look stylish. What are the superiors who become recommendations this year?

Shoma Dress Blue Coup Belle

For those of you who want to buy a top or dress with an off shoulder model, you can choose this beautiful Shoma Dress Blue Coup Belle. Made from cotton that is comfortable to wear everyday, maximize your feminine appearance with a newfangled sabrina top with a touch of unique print motifs. You can match with your favorite neutral high heels. Get it now at Berrybenka for Rp. 195,000.

Something Borrowed Stripe Print Off-Shoulder Top

The motif of the lines is timeless and is classified as unisex because it can be used by both men and women. For those of you who want to look beautiful and cheerful in a striped outfit, Something Borrowed Stripe Print Off-Shoulder Top will maximize it. Comes with a more daring model that still emphasizes the feminine side, this boss is suitable for casual events and easily mix and match with your favorite subordinates. Has a calm color and sweet details on the ends of the arms, just right for everyday wear in your campus activities. Get it now at Zalora for IDR 129,000

Balin Zarada Sleeveless Women’s Batik Dress

Appearing ethnic in a midi dress will make you the center of attention. Have a dress from Balin, namely Balin Zarada Sleeveless Beautiful Batik Dress for Women with charming batik motifs for Rp. 550,000 through Blibli. Made from cotton that is comfortable to use, this dress looks cute with a classic wide collar plus a belt accent that will give a slim effect to your curves.

Oline Workrobe Scarf Like Top

The name Workrobe signifies the value of design that speaks for itself and this brand is created with two things, the mind must wander and dreams must be built with all my heart. Therefore, the fashion of this brand emerged with a collaboration between a solid design and workmanship that will enrich and celebrate various characteristics of women while still adhering to the basic principles of fashion.

For those of you who are in line with these principles and want to look like a powerful woman, Oline Workrobe Scarf Like Top is very fitting to give that impression. This top has a unique pattern and muted color which is a blend of cubical blue, white and ethnic accents by a touch of a line on one part of the shirt. This boss is perfect as a daily outfit to campus because you just have to combine it with your favorite subordinates as well as a pair of favorite sneakers to give the impression of a dynamic sportiness. Get it at Zalora, OLX, and olineworkrobe.co for IDR 435,000.


Knitwork Light Beige Melange Stretch Midi Dress

Midi dress is a woman’s dress with a length between the knee and ankle and has recently become a trend in women’s fashion. For those of you who like body fit dress models, Knitwork Light Beige Melange Stretch Midi Dress can be the right choice. Sweet stripe patterned with a soft beige basic color, making this dress look simple but still elegant and suitable for casual to semi-formal occasions. Made from comfortable knitwear so you can wear it in cool weather by adding beautiful outer plus black heels. Get it at Zalora and Lazada for Rp. 349,000.