The Best Kebaya Model 2020

The emergence of a new attraction from the new kebaya which is currently busy in the hunt among the fashion lovers community. Variety of interesting motivations and models are presented through a beautiful and enchanting kebaya dressing when worn.
Following this we have summarized the 5 best versions of kebaya in 2020.

One shoulder

The combination of traditional and modern styles is often applied by kebaya designers. One way is to cut off the shoulder. Maestro kebaya Anne Avantie used the leftover fabric of the Klewer Market to make this outfit.

Obi Application
If you want to add a different touch to a simple kebaya, just add interesting details like obi. The following Obi was presented in a brightly colored and patterned so that it ‘enlivened’ the appearance of the Soekamto Era kebaya.

Bright cheerful
For those of you who like to look cheerful can wear brightly colored kebaya like yellow when married. When the consent granted, you can choose the bride ‘s head covering with the same color so it looks harmonious with the clothes like the look of this Marga Alam work.

Shawl Pearl
Besides white, black is also often chosen by women as the color of kebaya. So that it’s not boring to use a pearl necklace as a scarf. This Adjie Notonegoro’s work could be his inspiration.

Traditional Luxury
In order not to get bored, kebaya does not have to be paired with batik cloth. You can replace it with a plain cloth tied like this. To display the impression of luxury, Era Soekamto also applied satin material.