The Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World



Marriage is one of the most important moments that are very historic for the bride and groom. Not surprisingly, many married couples are willing to spend deeply to celebrate their happy day. Especially for women, it would be nice to see their appearance when wearing a gown at a reception that is beautiful, elegant and luxurious.

It is not surprising that public figure couples appear on their wedding day wearing beautiful, elegant, and super luxurious dresses. But you know, the dresses they wear have fantastic prices. Because of some of the female artists that I have summarized for you, they look like princesses on their wedding day. In fact, they purposely designed a luxurious dress at a fantastic price on their happy day.

Who are the women who own and wear the most expensive and most luxurious dresses in the world?

1. Kate Middleton

Who doesn’t know this woman? Kate Middleton married the Prince of England, William, in 2011. Their love story is like the story in the Cinderella story. Why is that? The reason is, an ordinary girl is married to a great prince.
It was as if their wedding story became horrendous news at that time, because a report stated that the price of the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore had a fantastic price, reaching US $ 250 thousand or around Rp. 3.2 billion.
The dress was designed by Alexander Mcqueen, made of silk with some lace in every detail.

2. Catherine Zeta Jones

One of the most expensive dresses in the world is designed along the six foot train and has a diamond ornament on the sleeve of the dress. This beautiful actress dress became the most expensive wedding dress in the world, because news said that the wedding dress worn by Catherine Zeta Jones had a fantastic price, reaching US $ 1.5 million or around Rp.19.3 billion.
This luxurious and super expensive dress is designed with expensive and quality silk, making this Catherine Zeta Jones look very beautiful and elegant when wearing it.

3. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a famous Hollywood actress who was married to Prince Monarko, Reiner III in 1956. On their wedding day, Grace Kelly wore a luxurious and most expensive wedding dress in the world, wearing a dress made from luxurious silk which was priced not cheap, which had a price of USD 76 thousand or around Rp. 980 million.
Fantastic isn’t it? This American actress really looks very beautiful when wearing that dress.

4. Melani Trump

Melani Knauss, who currently has the name Melani Trump, did not expect that she would become the number one woman in the United States. This beautiful model wore the most expensive wedding dress when she married Donald Trump.

They married in 2005, wearing a dress designed according to her dreams. It is predicted that the dress she is wearing will cost around USD 150 thousand or around IDR 19 billion.


5. Princess Diana

Lady Diana wore the most expensive and most beautiful wedding dress in the world in 1981 ago, on her wedding day. Princess Diana is the mother of Prince William, she wears the most expensive dress in the world, which is a price of USD 2.6 million or around Rp.33.5 billion.

When wearing this wedding dress, Princess Diana was considered an icon in the fashion industry, because she was very beautiful when wearing this dress.